What Your Birthday Says About You - Month Wise with Sun Signs

Your birth time, date, month, year and place place - all say a lot of about your personality. By their help, it can predicted that what that person is going to do in future, what will his/her qualities, USP's will be. On what subjects he/she will be strong or weak. What things to be taken care etc.

So here you go Mr. Visitor to know what qualities birthday date, month tells about you or about your known:

January: Your sun sign is Capricorn in your birth is between 22nd December to 20th January and you are Aquarius if fall on 20th Jan to Feb 18th.
Jan born babies are creative, enthusiastic, reserve. Your sun-sign is Aquarius if you are born between 20th Jan to 18th Feb and you are Capricorn if it is between 22Dec to 20th Jan. You like to criticize. You stay calm unless you have any tension or something makes you excite.

Either Aquarius (20th Jan to Feb 18th) Or Pisces (18th Feb to 20th March)
Sharp mind, Intelligent, Clever, Practical, easily anger, hyper but sensitive, stubborn, daring, true friend, love romance, good control on yourself, cute, hard working, loyal

Pisces (18th Feb to 20th March) or Aries (20th March to 20th April)
Pleasant personality, cool, stylish, kind some of your traits. But you are moody, hasty, shy and often hide hide your feelings. Anger easily but calm down fast. Worth trusty and honest.

April: Aries (20th March to 20th April) or Taurus 20th April to 21st May)
Love to help others. You trust people easily and many times don't say what you actually want to say. Always wait for perfect time. Full of dream but little lazy to apply thought into actions. Excited, romantic, flirty and love to travel the world. Your partner is lucky to have such a romantic person. You love different things and try to do it the way never before.

May: You are Taurus if your DOB comes between 20th April to 21st May otherwise Gemini if you are born between 21st May to 21st June.
Here is the person who has unbelievable will power, self motivated, strong, sharp, impress others and lovely thoughts. Your mind is amazing. You are beautiful from in and out. You love speed, and you are art lover.

June: Gemini if you are born between 21st May to 21st June or Cancer if come in 20th June to 21st July.
A person with vision, love perfection, good sense of humor and fun loving. You create any atmosphere great and love dancing. You can be a good star. You are very emotional, people hurt you.

Talkative, daydreamer, good debating skill. Friendly, fashion lover. Tech friendly.

August: Leo July 22nd to August 23rd or Virgo August 23rd to September 23rd.
Good leader, active, fearless, firm, sharp, jealous. Yo have talent but do not take it easily.

September: Virgo August 23rd to September 23rd or Libra September 23rd to October 23rd.
You have good present of mind. You find points to criticize people. Sporty, clever, but not happy in less. Fighter, never compromise.

October: Libra September 23rd to October 23rd or Scorpio October 22nd to November 22nd.
Chatter box! Aha. You never care for what others think. You like to talk about yourself, you really proud of you. You can create good relation with anybody. Communication skill is your plus point. You can keep secret. Hard working, lovely friend, center point of marriage and parties, keep on laughing. People love you and love to be with you. You are emotional, decisive, strong clairvoyance. Intelligent and sweet!

November: Scorpio for October 22nd to November 22ndth or Sagittarius for November 22nd to December 22nd.
Full of thoughts and ideas. You are futuristic, amiable, believe in action, angry but playful. Romantic, honest, capable, strong and thanks giver. You judge the people very well, caring, has got good sixth sense. You love cooking. Traveling is one of your hobby!

December: Sun sign - Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 22nd) or Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
Sport lover, health conscious, logical, short tempered and hasty. You love to grab people attention. Appraise!

Now Further make more celebrations and continue having fun.

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