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Squeeze lemons them in people's eyes
When Life gives you Lemons
Apple: I don't like this Game
How fruits look like Game
Withour sense of humor..
Without sense of humor
Stay up and Fight
Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight by Phyllis Diller
Not the time to find your friends
High school is not the time to find your friends. It's the time to find your bridesmaids.
In Response to your request for Bigger cabin
In response to your request for a bigger cabin, the board has suggested you to consider small as Beautiful!
Trying to lose Weight
I keep Trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me
Best Place for Haircut
What is the best place to get a haircut? On the top of your head.
Then things get worse
We are born naked wet and hungry Then things get worse
'People ask the secret of our long marriage
Secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. She goes Tuesdays I go Fridays.
Sometimes Your Face
Sometimes Your face attracts my fist
Are you Coming?
Are you coming? Nope I am busy. There is going to be Food! OK. I will come.
Today's Gen
I hate today’s Generation where  phones are Smart but people are Dumb!

One Friend with Funny Laugh
Everybody has that one friend in circle with a very funny laugh.

Never Argue with Fool
Never argue with a Fool People might not know the difference

Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.
funny quotes about Zoo An excellent place

I would rather cuddle than to have..
I would rather cuddle than to have... If you're good in grammar you will get it

He took me from a bar.
funny sayings on He took me from a bar. He took me in his car. He took my top off. He puts his lips on mine, but don't worry: I'm a bottle of wine

Anger makes your mouth work faster than your mind
Anger makes your mouth work faster than your mind

No comment is a comment
No comment is a comment

They know how crazy you are
Crazy Friends

Karma is when you throw a banana
Funny Karma Quotes about Karma is when you throw a banana
I am Delicious
Most hilarious quotes on Girl texting you I am drunk is like a lasagna texting you from Italy saying I'm delicious.
Just for moment
Saying Just for moment
I drink to..
A woman drove me to drink
My care My bike
My care My bike
Water proof tablet
Water proof tablet Quotes
I am not lazy
I am not lazy Funny Witty
Everyday I promise..Lol
Everyday I promise..Lol
Follow each others
Follow each others Silly Quotes
Closing eye for a second
funny quotes about Closing eye for a second
When life gives
When life gives you Quotes
It's funny how after an argument
Its funny how after an argument, Funny Short Life
Doing nothing
Doing nothing
At first if you don't succeed
Funny Quotes short Jokes
I go halfway to meet
I go halfway to meet
If mom says 'NO'
Kids If mom says 'NO'
We're Teenagers
Teenagers are too tired
Wake up now!
Wake up now