Lets share something about our life

Life is so irritating sometimes. You have got everything but still you feel restless. You feel like there is something missing and

you should what it is. This is the story of each individual. Everyone gives you suggestions that you should do this and that but actually no one really bothers what is the thing making you feel sad. My this post is all about the same thing.

here I am going to share real life problems which teens face:

We like to be ourselves but still people pressurize for some change..
We want to go to the places, take risks and explore life in better way, but oh ma ghosh, who will understand this?
We want to go to pubs, have some, flirt with nice guys and girls and wanna go beyond limits. Hey - mind your own business.
What we do is none of your business.
Let us face failure.
Why you always chase us.
Let us cry.
My life, my style.
Old days gone.
We will learn.
Let us be mad - let us be what we want to be.
Why I should fear anybody.
I will do it now.
Why to follow oldies.
Later or sooner, I will make what I want to..

There are much more things which makes us irresistible with whom we share this stuff? Well, here is very bit of things I have written but I would like to hear from my readers more so why don't you sweet people comment here so we can start a thread right here.

You can comment/share anything which disturbs you. Lets write and explore more. I really appreciate the comments you gonna write.

I know life is all about moving further but what is the harm in saying what you feel. May be together we can find the solution or atleast we decrease the burden of our hearts. Topic can be any i.e. love life, personal problems, heart broken, failures, dreams, racism, travel abroad, work life, social life or any.

Looking forward:

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