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Year ends, new year starts! Some are happy, some are sad while others are looking forward to make more great life ahead. Time flies very fast but you can use it best by living 'TODAY'. It is the best day because present matters a lot in our lives. We do lots of hard work to make our future bright and strong but we forget to enjoy our daily hours. There is always something in everything you can enjoy. So re-look your mission statements and do necessary amendments. It is not your birthday when you should feel special, instead try to make every day, every hour special. Change your routine life and add something creative. Seriousness doesn't always bring good results, but sometimes being funny works.

There are some really good things everyone can try, and those are:

1. Be gentle and put your views in soft way.
2. Family comes first, after all you do big efforts to make their lives easy.
3. Love is essential part of life so never forget to value it.
4. Give importance to discipline and understand the importance of time.
5. Appraise people for their good things.
6. Accept the people the way they are.
7. Never lose confidence, you are unique and best.
8. Keep faith in God and done' be restless.
9. Never compromise with honesty ad integrity.
10. Don't be harsh and rude, in anger, try to leave that place.
11. Without having a laugh, your day is wasted. Remember that!

Apply these simple but very important habits in your life and be an idol for everybody.

Here are some users submitted jokes to make you giggle:

what do you call a deer with no eyes?
A no idear! What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? Still no idear!
submitted by: Anna

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  1. 5. Appraise people for their good things.

    Yeah that would be great!

    Thanks for writing a great post!!

    Happy new year!


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