Never Heard Before

Here, we come again with very fresh and never heard before jokes mixed with lovely quotations. This earth is always having some great show and your life is a ticket for them. SO don't miss it. When you response in as joyful way, means that you are living in a good way. The birth of new era takes place within ourselves. Always remember the secret of doing great things is doing them with perfect focus and a little break. Doing focus is your part and making you entertain is our part. So here we move:

On the first night of marriage:
Man: Dear, Do I have permission?
Wife: Yes!
Husband: Keep his work like crazies till morning and his wife gets unwell.
Next day they go to in-laws home.
After dinner, man asks from his mother in law: Now, do I have permission?
Wife: Shouts, Dad, don;t give him permission!

Dad:from where u bring this new chair?
Son:yesterday i go to interview they said to me take your, I took the new chair. submitted by: saivamsi

In a stormy night!
Man reaches at pizza shop..
Waiter: Are you married?
Man: Of-course! It is common sense. Otherwise no mother would have sent her son to buy pizza in this kind of dangerous night!

4 crazy men were running to pick-up the train. Two out of them were catch the train. People said: well done!
They said: It is not because another two wanted to go and we were just came to see-off them!

Man: Yesterday night, one man me robbed with on knife point.
Another: But you always keep gun with you.
Man: Yes, but I hided it from get it stolen.

Village girl: What is this sent message?
Another: Oh no, IT is so simple, sent message means perfumed message!

One man gets very angry from his dog and decides to leave.
He takes his dog to very far road and leaves.
When he reaches home back, he finds the dog is at home.
He again goes and leaves the dog at very big forest but when he comes back to home, he find dog again at home.
Now this time, he decides to leave him on a very complicated place, and he was on his way to return home, he calls his wife and asks if the dogs comes back?
His wife says: yes..
He asks his wife to send the dog as I forget the way!

An angry guy was sitting in park doing nothing.
His friend comes and asks: Hey what are you doing here?
Guy: I am taking a revenge!
Friend: To whom?
Guy: From Time!
Guy: Time has spoiled me, now I am spoiling the time!

Foe beautiful Eyes: Look for positive in others!
For beautiful Lips: Speaks words that makes everyone feel good!
And for Wisdom: Motivate everyone and let let them feel ignored!

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