Motivational Quotes to Fly High in Life

Here, we share the planet’s best Motivational Life Quotes to let you see the world from the perspective of experienced & successful people and if you really follow them with 100% integrity, there is no chance of failure. Also understand that the term ‘failure’ does not exist. Either we win or learn. So keep learning and never stop trying.
Mahatma Gandhi quoted – “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.”
Means there is no other thing that effects human being except of his/her own thoughts. If you believe that you can become a good scientist – yes, you can. But first you must trust in your own caliber. The way you do self talk with you, treat yourself determines your confidence and positivity.

Our life revolves around quotations/proverbs and if we really follow them with positive mind-set, we can reach where no one has reached yet. We can do impossible things and can convert our dreams into reality. The only place where we miss/skip is having strong will power with attitude of adopting change according to market trend and technology. We really can become richest person with having lots of fans following behind us to our footprints. So learn, apply, live & play here on the ground of life because there is no replay.
Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

Preparation leads to confidence.

Much Efforts, Much prosperity.
Effort Prosperity

Time doesn't wait for anybody.

Everything flows, nothing stays still.

Success produces success, just as money produces money.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse.

The man with imagination is never alone.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Obstacles are things. A person sees when he takes his eyes off the goal.

Fortune favors the brave.

Nothing can harm a good man, either in life or after death.

Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve great.

Kits rise highest against the wind, not with it.

The privilege of life time is being who you are.

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.

Helping people develop their own brilliance is much more efficient than giving them yous.

Success ans rest don't sleep together.

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

Your life is the fruit of your own doings, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Knowledge is not power, implementation is power.

Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

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