Love Quotes from it's Origin to Acceptance

Situations, circumstances, moments and specially feeling of LOVE - Have the power to make a boring moment very enjoyable, a hatred person so lovable, an irritating fellow very interesting. When love overflows, magic happens. The things take place like never before. They have lots of content to be shared and you will be surprised to understand that this things really happens!

So here you can read and share those quotes of love when its feeling popes out and you come to know about one of the most great, talked-about, pleasant feeling of this world. We are describing it from its origin to its Acceptance.

I was nothing you made me feel special love

1.) I want to know about your hobbies, likings, birthday and much more.
When you are curious to know each others, intend to chat till late night, check your phone early morning, heart beat goes faster and you find new ways to making her/him happy - Means you are about to fall in Love.

2.) I wonder every possible situation to have conversation with you, try to rehearse on the best possible answer and imagine how will you react!
This situation comes when you go one step ahead into your relationship. Now you keep on wondering lots of things like: what would be best reply to impress her/him or what is to be done to make her/him talk to me!

3.) Does he/she would like to see me in jeans,top or simple dress. How would I know about his/her taste.
Bravo! Now you are considering to attract them by your dressing sense. Well, try to be what you are. Confidence is the best thing you need to impress her/him. Well, you can also do home work or ask her/his friends about her preferences.

4.) Enough this talking, friendship.. Now I need your special attention. I want a special special place in your heart as you already occupied in mine's.
After a specific time period, you must be feeling restless because your feelings for her has to be expressed. She/he must know how much you care for her. If you are going through this phase - Be brave - open up and say all your feelings. This is the perfect time. Don't be negative. Come on - Move!

5.) Oh my God - You have a crush on me!
If he/she react like this - do not back up. Dare to say YES' I do! She/he also wants to listen this. Actually he/she knows it from the start that there is something in your mind. He/she can read your body language. And eyes say it all. So this time, just take a stand and speak up.

6.) Yes - Me too. Why you've taken so long! Give me a hug.
Rain of flowers! Wow - Congratulate you have a girlfriend/boyfriend now! How lucky you are! You've got it. Now your real exam starts. Keep it up.

7.) Yes, now he/She is mine, my property. She can wait/understand. I need to express myself daily. I am busy now.
Be serious. Don't take him/her for granted. Nothing is permanent. You must care otherwise someone else will. Never be lazy in showing your love. It is very important. Let her/him feel proud to have a beloved like you. Give respect, importance and time.

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