Hand-Picked Quotations & Pranks (Daily Moments)

Sometimes simple things seem so complicated and vice-verse. We must keep our minds chill and try to search something to laugh at. Birth and death is bitter truth so why not to make the moments so good in between these to points. In continuation with this zeal, I am here sharing some of best hand-picked quotations to have real dose of entertainment in our life. These are general practical things, happen with us on routine basis, so lets find something positive in those daily happenings.

Sometime men surprise why women think so long but the truth is women spend more time thinking about what men are thinking than men actually spend time thinking!

Philosophy of Marriage:
At the beginning, every wife treats her hubby as GOD..
One year later...
Somehow don't know understand - why... Alphabets get reversed!!

My Dream Job is not needing one!

Please do not test my gangster...

Before going back to home, you surprise to calculate that today you just worked for 30 minutes only!

Sorry I am so late means I don't want to join!

Every sunrise gives me a chance to learn something new but it also make me forget ten other things I learnt yesterday!

Whenever I enter in my workplace, I feel so deserved of getting overtime from the first minute.

During the day, people don't believe in ghosts but at night, they become open minded about it!

The moment when a male or female comes to know that from last so many months he/she was chatting to the same gender.

Now some Pranks:

Once a man goes somewhere in his boat, suddenly storm comes but he doesn't know how to swim! So he starts praying to God, pl stop it and I will donate one thousand dollars to needy people!
And the storm stop! After five minutes, he laughs and says who needy, which donation?
And the storm starts again? I again start crying and prays to God, I was just saying where I will find those needy people and when to withdraw money for that noble cause!! Lol

When I feel so confused, and need an expert's advice, I stand in front of the mirror!

I don't find myself funny at at. I am actually very cruel and blunt and people mistaken me with joking..

The moment when you are well and in hospital and every of relative comes and asks - How this happened?
And you make the same story again and again. Oh God please!

The time when your boss comes to know that you are not capable and you don't argue, somehow agreed!

The fear of wife when you receive a missed call night and cell in near to your wife!
Please God save me.

Love to save money but when it come, it flies like anything. Lol. You will never!

Waiting for Sunday but when it come, you actually sleep all the day and feel more tired than week days!

So confused to marry with the girl you love.

Someone catches your eyes while you're staring at girl while she's walking.

AT cloth shop, finding your choice and end up buying craps. Well don't' worry, it happens with everybody!

Coming at 22:00 and finding everyone sleeping, having fear of making what excuse to your wife again!

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