World's Top Places, Hotels to be Travelled for Tourists

People travel a lot. These tourists go far to fulfill their hobby of traveling, curiosity of watching new places, what people are doing there, history of forts, visions of mankind and to know the globe from closer view. They love to wonder around the world. This thing inspired us to write lots of things/information for travelers to help them find the better place, to be escaped from any wastage of time, money while making their journey memorable & more comfortable. This post is inline for foreigner visitors, guests, business people/ corporate groups who do lots of conferences in five start or big hotels.

In big picture, there are 7 Continent in the world where you can visit i.e. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe & Australia

Europe | India

List of Most Favorite International Destinations & Hotels:

When it comes to have a stay after your long journey - Comfort, Service and Safety matter. So after doing long time R&D, we are going to share the most liked, rated places have a pleasant stay. We have country-wise categorized these places so that you can directly jump to them according to you plan.

  • Europe's most commonly used currency is the Euro.
  • It has 46 countries.
  • By convention, This country is one of the world's seven continents and it is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, covering about 10,180,000 square k.m or two percent of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area.
  • There are 104 major cities in Europe.
  • Best places to visit in London
1. London: It is the capital of England. It is the most favorite place of tourists. The numbers of international visitor has crossed the figure 14 Million per year. Here are some of the most loved places in London: A. LONDON EYE/ MILLENNIUM WHEEL: A 135 meters approximately 443 feet tall and its wheel has a diameter of 120 meters around 394 feet established with the cost of 70million euro, known as Europe's tallest Ferris wheel. We are sure if you are planing to go to London, you can not stop yourself from being there. Nearby Hotels: Mandarin Oriental, B. Tower of London: C. Science Museum: D. Tate Modern E. National Gallery F. Victoria and Albert Museum G. British Museum H. Natural History Museum For the reader of this post, you are most welcome to add your comments to let us know/suggest the places, hotels to be added according to your experiences. Genoa, Italy It is nice place. Good people, pleasing atmosphere/weather. But if you are indian, you must find some Indian restaurants to meet your hunger.

After so many research, I found a good one... it Bombay Palace, Ristorante Indiano. Address is Gradita La Prenotazionee, Lunedi Chiuso. So go and have good time.

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