Funny Tablets Quotes - Mobile Sayings

If water-proof tablets were invented, I think I would get a lot more work done in the shower.

If water-proof tablets were invented

I do not always lose my phone, but when I do, its always on silent mode.

losing phone

Look for when the environment is changing - the big shift now is mobile Internet. It's really happening big-time. The way you interact with services on a smart phone compared to the Web is quite different, so there's a huge opportunity.
- Niklas Zennstrom

My sweet phone: Sometimes I drop you, say I hate you, throw you, lose you. I forget about you but I just can not live without you.

We will have more Internet, larger numbers of users, more mobile access, more speed, more things online and more appliances we can control over the Internet.
- Vinton Cerf

Today there are hundreds of millions of mobile devices, but you do have to know a bit about what each device is capable of doing in order to approach it as a developer.
- John Fowler

In the film, I'm not very mobile, like in the space suit.
- Verne Troyer

Mobile phones are the only subject on which men boast about who's got the smallest.
- Neil Kinnock