Useful Reading Quotes

'Reading is a passion for some people, they can not live without it. It's a very good habit which makes you confident while gaining lots of knowledge. Here are useful quotes about reading to let you know the different people/authors views about it.'

I didn't go to school much, so I taught myself what I knew from reading by Doris Lessing

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.
- Maya Angelou

I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.
- Gillian Anderson

I had no books at home. I started to frequent a public library in Lisbon. It was there, with no help except curiosity and the will to learn, that my taste for reading developed and was refined.
- Jose Saramago

By reading the scriptures I am so renewed that all nature seems renewed around me and with me. The sky seems to be a pure, a cooler blue, the trees a deeper green. The whole world is charged with the glory of God and I feel fire and music under my feet.
- Thomas Merton

What is reading, but silent conversation.
- Charles Lamb

It's good to know how to read, but it's dangerous to know how to read and not how to interpret what you're reading.
- Mike Tyson

There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking. Writing blends all three of them.
- Mason Cooley

Life being very short, and the quiet hours of it few, we ought to waste none of them in reading valueless books.
- John Ruskin

People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.
- Logan P. Smith

I love my friends and family, but I also love it when they can't find me and I can spend all day reading or walking all alone, in silence, eight thousand miles away from everyone. All alone and unreachable in a foreign country is one my most favorite possible things to be.
- Elizabeth Gilbert

The great book for you is the book that has the most to say to you at the moment when you are reading. I do not mean the book that is most instructive, but the book that feeds your spirit. And that depends on your age, your experience, your psychological and spiritual need.
- Robertson Davies

To me, reading a fashion magazine is the last thing I need to do. I've got books I need to read.
- Vivienne Westwood

In bed at night, I could be reading some book, and I'll come across a sentence that's totally unrelated to some scene I did years ago. But I'll play the scene back in my mind and think, I did that wrong - I should've opened the door more slowly.
- Liam Neeson

I've always loved to read. But sometimes I go for a year without reading, because I forget to.
- Norah Jones

I started reading about people of great accomplishment... and it dawned on me suddenly that the person who has the most to do with what happens in your life is you.
- Benjamin Carson

The first reading of a Will, where a person dies worth anything considerable, generally affords a true test of the relations' love to the deceased.
- Samuel Richardson

I loved the material when I first read it, and the experience of making the film was a great one. So when we came around to complete the trilogy, I just signed on board without even reading the scripts because the experience of the first film was so good.
- Keanu Reeves

Reading - the best state yet to keep absolute loneliness at bay.
- William Styron

I was reading a book... 'the history of glue' - I couldn't put it down.
- Tim Vine

I love doing normal things - movies, shopping, going out with friends, writing, reading, taking hot bubble baths - that's a big one for relaxation. I also love to go to art and history museums.
- Christina Aguilera

I sort of try to read the books when they come out impartially and not make up my mind, but the fact is when I was reading the sixth, 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince', there were bits in there where I was going, 'God, I would love to do that because it's so good'.
- Daniel Radcliffe

If people are constantly reading about you, and you're overexposed, they've got no reason to go see your movies. Also, it's not pleasant or nice to have your privacy invaded.
- John Cusack

He has only half learned the art of reading who has not added to it the more refined art of skipping and skimming.
- Arthur Balfour

I read to my kid, but I can't stand reading.
- Adam Sandler

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