Forty Most Admirable Love Quotes

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0- Symptoms of Love

I walk and than suddenly stop, I sit and go into another world, I speak and mute. Is it love?
things happen when you fall in love quotes

1- Age Barrier in Love?

You can drive at 17, go to war at 19, drink at 22, and retire at 66. So who can say what age you have to be to find your true love?
age of love sayings

2- Love is You and Me

Some may call it destiny. Some may call it meant to be. But I just call it you and me.
yeah it is right

3- You Deserve Real Care

Everyone wants to be romanced, swept off their feet, treated like a prince/princess and live a fairy tale life! Never settle. Decent people do exist
I want romance

4- Waiting For Call or Text

We both are sitting in our rooms, having cell in hands, staring at it's screen and wishing God to make him/her text or call me first.
just waiting

5- Parents Interference

I like her and she likes me - Now what the hell parents are doing here?
problems of love life

6- You are Crazy

I know you are crazy for me - But what I am not going to pay our restaurant bills.

7- Always be with me

Whenever I am disturbed, whenever the problems overcome me in life - Promise me that you'll be there for me?

8- Love Changes Life

When someone falls in love - His entire life changes. It mostly happens when you don't even expect it.

9- No Age Limit

Old man says that I have crush for someone and everybody laughs. But we must understand that everyone has the right to do it. Feelings has no age limit.

10- Caring

I care about you more than you ever think.

11- Miss You

Sometimes I hate you, Sometime I love you but every-time I miss you.

12- I am Serious

I fight for you, I protect you, I defend you - Because I am serious about you.

13- You Complete Me

Yes - It is true that When You hold my hands - I am completed.

14- Trust and Actions

Trust trust on the words they say - Examine their actions.

15- Be Honest

You should not cheat. If you're not willing to continue - Just tell them the truth. I would be appreciable.

16- New Love

Do you still like your Ex? Don't enter into new relationship.

17- Sharing Everything

Share each other everything. Don't hide anything because it hurts a lot when they hear it from someone else.

18- Jealously is Positive

Jealousy has it's positive side. Not everyone jealous of you.

19- Your Right

Right of everyone - Being loved and good music.

20- Be Real

Show your efforts if really want her/him. Don't be fake.

21- Do Admit

I you miss - Admit it. They feel good.

22- Believe It

Sacrifice always pays.

23- Love is Precious

Love is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most hurtful thing to lose.

24- Be True

Don't say 'YES' to anyone because you're single. Listen to your heart and than reply honestly.

25- Good Cause

If you find someone with broken heart, you must take good care because it is really a very good cause.

26- Friendship and Love

It is proven that the best relationships start off as friendships.

27- Celebrate Everyday

If we are together - Everyday is valentines day.

28- Life is Present

Live in present. Everyone has past. And you too have it. So don't reject someone for it.

29- Think Again

If you're confused - Don't go ahead.

30- Live Today

Don't make plans of future. Better to live each and every moment of present with love. Future is really unpredictable.

31- Believe in Yourself

You're the most beautiful creation of God.

32- Resolving Problems

You should resolve the complicated things between you and him. It is good for the health of love affair.

33- Pure Heart is Everything

Don't love someone for their financial status. Real asset it pure heart.

34- Real Feelings

Real feelings never fade away.

35- Trust each others

Keep trust and never quit.

36- Kissing

I want to shut you up by kissing.

37- Bringing Happiness

Thanks for bringing smile into my life.

38- Late Night Texts

Late night conversation is the best thing in any affair.

39- Our Company

Together we can change the world.

40- True Care and Love

True love is sweeter than anything else.

40a- Love

Patience and kindness are virtues of love.

40b- About our Life

True love is boundless and infinite.

40c- Smiling for Me

Love is when you smile every morning because they're all you think about once you open your eyes.

40d- Love and Care

Love is like a plant, it takes time to grow but when you stop caring for it, it slowly dies.

40e- Love Never Ends

A true love story has no ending.

40f- Don't Force

Real love comes naturally, it's never forced.

Being with you

when I am with you

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