Shortest Jokes

Technology is changing so our reading-style too. We want everything slimmer, short and easier than before. Well, that's good because no one has enough time read such long stuff. Things should be easy and less time consuming. So now we've done some manipulation in our joking style too. After writing Jokes, we are now trying to write some shortest possible jokes ever. Now you can very easily read, use, recall and share them.

1. I often stuck-up in situation where I'm left alone with someone I just met.

2. Woman driving and man in the kitchen means a big mess!

3. My girlfriend in shape... just the wrong one.

4. If you want to impress me with technology, first do something to make my phone charges automatically.

5. There is always that one person around who takes a few minutes to get the joke.

6. Fatty girl: I would love to lose weight, but you know, I hate losing!

7. I need you. I want you. I love you... Dear Food!

8. D.R.A.M.A. means Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention.

9. Why should I fall in love when I can fall asleep?

10. Sometime you've to do that fake laugh when an old man tells a bad joke.

11. Girls, you're 13. You should be losing teeth, not your virginity.

12. Roses are red, Grass is greener, I think of you when I touch my wiener.

13. Cool story bro, You should tell it to someone else.

14. I am not saying you are fat girl, I am just saying if I were to lift 4 fattest girls I know you'd be 3 of them.

15. Once a short height man gets over emotional while watching a movie and than he committed suicide. The name of the movie was 'Honey I shrunk the kids!'

16. I love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to be avoid, others I'd love to punch in the face!

17. Can a boy and girl be just friends? Only if girl is ugly.

18. Oh, money can't buy you happiness? Well, so does poverty can buy you anything?

19. Married life is full of excitement and frustration: In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the NEIGHBOR listens.

20. There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side.

21. A man may be a fool and not know it, but not if he is married.

22. He's too nervous to kill himself. He wears his seat belt in a drive-in movie.

23. The truth is that parents are not really interested in justice. They just want quiet.

24. Don't be so humble--you are not that great.

25. You've reached middle age when all you exercise is caution.