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Quote for the Day

For God sake - Let's Admit it - We all hope and wish that our exes have horrible lives without us.

My doctor is wonderful. Once when I couldn't afford an operation, he touched up the X-rays.
- Joey Bishop

Hilarious Quote

School Faces- Monday :( Tuesday :/ Wednesday :| Thursday :) Friday :D Saturday ^.^ Sunday -_-

Feel my shirt, do you know what material this is? It’s boyfriend material.

Me: What are you doing tonight? Friend: Oh, you know just hitten up the clubs. Me: Oh, nice what club? Friend: Club penguin...

With random people, I'm shy. With my friends, I'm crazy.

I wish pretending to listen to people's boring stories burned more calories.

Hearing noises when you're home alone and just accepting the fact that you're going to die.

That gangsta feeling when you rap your favorite song without messing up.

Some people just need a pat. On the head. With a hammer.

Reasons why kids hate school : 1) Waking up early. 2) Annoying teachers. 3) Homework. 4) It's not Hogwarts.